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Hexham Tyres / Hexham Exhausts

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

A diesel particulate filter traps up to 100% of soot particles from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine to improve local air quality. A must for ‘clean’ diesels.

The downside of this is if a vehicle is used for short journey's or if there is a problem with any aspect of the vehicle's engine management system then the D.P.F is unable to clean itself,this process is called a regeneration. This can restrict the vehicle's road speed and fuel usage will suffer.

More and more manufacturers are recommending that you replace the D.P.F on your vehicle at a considerable cost that can run into thousand's of pounds.

We can now safely and reliably clean out your D.P.F and in conjunction with one of our diagnostic tool's reset the counter's in your vehicle's engine management system.

For more information or to simply discuss this process please do not hesitate to give us a call it could save you thousands of pounds and as a bonus cleaning your D.P.F is a much greener alternative to the environment.

Benefits of cleaning:

• Extends life of DPF

• Minimises running costs

• Maximises fuel economy

• Maintains engine efficiency

• Reduces emissions

• Provides peace of mind